Q. Are your products Vegan?
A. Yes! We do not offer products that contain animal by-products.

Q. Are your products free from animal-testing?
A. Yes! Our products have NEVER and will NEVER be tested on animals. Our ingredient manufacturers have also fulfilled all of the REACH requirements. We do NOT ship to China due to animal testing laws.

Q. Can I get a list of the ingredients in your products?
A. Yes! All ingredient lists can be found on each product page on grantg13.sg-host.com

Q. What is the shelf life of of your pigments?
A. For most of our pigments the shelf life is 36 months. To get the longest life out of your pigments please store at room temperature and make sure that your products are not exposed to direct sunlight. 

Q. I have very sensitive skin that is easily irritated by a lot of makeup. Will your products cause my skin to become irritated?
A. As with all makeup, some people might occasionally encounter adverse or unwanted side-effects when using cosmetics. If you’re unsure, as a precautionary measure, we would always recommend that a patch test be carried out first if you have never used certain ingredients, particularly if you have any known sensitivities.

Q. What is cosmetic glitter?
A. Cosmetic glitters are made for the sole purpose of cosmetic use. They are made of a soft polyester that is non-toxic and non skin irritant which softens on application. All cosmetic grade glitters must be EN71 approved for use on the skin. All of our glitters are EN71 parts 2 and 3 approved. 

Q. Is it safe?
Yes! As they are made for the purpose of cosmetic use they are totally suitable for contact with skin. As with all products we advise customers to use glitter at their own discretion. Please take care when working around eyes. Our customers are responsible for proper application of our products, we are not responsible for unsafe or improper usage. 

Q. Who’s it for?
A. Basically everyone! We do advise though that eyelid application is not recommended for young children & to be on the safe side we always recommend parental/adult supervision for application.

Q. What can your glitter be used for?
A. Our versatile cosmetic glitter range is perfect for cosmetics, nail art, tattoos, body & face art, festivals and more. If you love all things sparkly you have come to the right place as our selection of glitter shades are endless and are constantly updated.  

Q. Can your festival glitters be used on eyes?
A. Our festival glitter range is perfect for festival looks, face & body art, hair & nails. We do advise that caution is taken if using our festival glitters on the eyes as this product was not designed for application on the eyelids – due to different glitter sizes, shapes & cuts.

Q. Are your glitters heat and solvent resistant?
A. Yes! Our cosmetic glitters can withstand temperatures up to 180 degrees celsius. They can be used in many common solvents such as nail gels, mixing with acrylics, nail polish and many more without bleeding, curling or melting. All nail polishes and solvents are not alike so testing first is advisable. 

Q. Are your glitters environmentally friendly?
A. There are no environmental issues associated with our glitters. 

Q. I’m a Makeup Artist/ Nail Technician/ Body Painter/ Blogger/ Influencer and I would love to work with you, how do I go about this?
A. We love working with all of the above and are always open to Makeup Artists/ Nail Technicians/ Body Painters/ Bloggers/ Influencers becoming part of the Blair Boulevard gang. 

No matter how big or small your following, we want you to get in touch. Please send us an email with your social handles and following and we’ll be in touch to let you know whether you’ve been selected.

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